Updated: 11/04/00

1970 Manx EV

Manx EV

This is my battery powered 1970 Manx EV that I built. It is a clone of a Meyers Manx. There were dozens of companies making similar body styles in the early 1970's. I drive this car almost every day, weather permitting. It has limited range but it charges fast and is great for local errands. I still keep my Chrysler to use when I need something more conventional or for longer trips.

    Manx EV Specifications

Chassis 1961 VW
Body Fiberglass Manx clone
Motor Advanced DC FB-4001
Controller Curtis 1231C-8601
Batteries Costco Group 24 Marine
lasted over 4100 miles
System Voltage 144 volts DC
Charger, on-board Custom, light dimmer controlled
Charger, stationary Fair Radio military surplus
Instrumentation Westach speedometer
Westach tachometer
Westach ammeter
Westach voltmeter
Curtis battery gage
Top Speed 80 mph estimated
Range 26 miles - range ralley
12-18 miles typical driving
Curb Weight 1840 pounds
Tires Front - Norseman F78-14
Rear - Winston L60-15 Fun n' Mud

Manx EV

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