Updated: 02/01/01

    Miscellaneous Shop Equipment

Cutoff Saw This is a 12" abrasive cutoff saw. I bought this saw over 20 years ago to make steel awning frames to earn money while going to college. It has gone through a couple sets of brushes but still runs. I use it to cut all of my larger ferrous stock. It will eventually be replaced with a saw that uses the more common 14" blades.
Gas Welder I'm have a fair amount of experience with gas, arc, and TIG welding. I miss the precision and versatility of the TIG welder that I used for college projects. A medium power TIG welder is on my list of equipment to get. For now, this gas welder handles the smaller jobs. I use a stick welder for structural steel.
Arc Welder This is a Miller Thunderbolt 225 amp AC/DC stick welder used for heavier welding. Easily welds up to 3/16" mild steel plate.
Pedestal Grinder This pedestal grinder works but I plan on getting a proper tool grinder so I can grind carbide as well as high speed steel.
Disc/belt Sander Besides using this disc/belt sander for work pieces, I also use it for finishing tool bits after initially grinding on the pedestal grinder.
Oscilliscope I use some basic electrical and electronic equipment in my electric vehicle work. Even a low frequency oscilloscope is suitable for checking most battery chargers and motor controllers.

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