Updated: 09/14/00

1949 South Bend 7" Shaper

South Bend Shaper

This is my 1949 South Bend shaper. It is a model 7S4B and has a 7" stroke. Except for cleaning, this is how I got it. I intend to strip it down, and repaint everything. Mechanically it is in great shape. It is the smoothest running machine I own. I still need to learn to use it properly.

    South Bend Shaper Specifications

Origin South Bend, Indiana, U.S.A.
Date of Manufacture 1949
Model 7S4B
Ram 0-7" stroke, 42-195/minute, 3-114 fpm
Tool Head 3" vertical feed, 180 deg rotation
Table 5-7/16" x 5" x 6"
Table Travel 9-1/2" horizontal, 5" vertical
Power Cross-feed .002-.012"
Vice 4" width, 1" depth, 4" max. opening
Motor Westinghouse, 1/3hp, 1725rpm, 115/230vac, 60hz, 1 phase
Net Factory Cost Shaper $425, stand $125, motor $31.30 - (1949)

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